Lorsch Riddle 3


Date: Thu 22 Apr 2021
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Original text:
De mare velivolo consurgo, per aera trano,
Aurea luciflui cedunt cui sidera caeli,
Postea horrifera ventorum mole revincor,
Sicca peto subito terrarum terga resolvens,
Atque sub ingenti repeto sic murmure pontum,
Ast tamen imbrifero perfundo gurgite mundum,
Unde valet populis spissam producere messem.
I rise from the swift sea, I sail through the air,
where the golden stars of the glorious sky travel,
and then I am checked by the terrible power of the winds,
and suddenly, escaping, I head for the dry surface of the earth,
and I fall upon the sea with a great crash,
yet I flood the earth with rainy waters,
from which it can cultivate a fat harvest for the people.
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Water, cloud


This edition is based on Vatican City, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, Palatinus latinus 1753, folio 115v. You can find images of this manuscript here.

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